Working at Zara it’s pretty funny, but I freaking hate Zara’s clothes. 

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if you’re bored, vote for hannibal

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What the hell, Noel??? European tour, tickets available on October 17th and you’re coming here in Italy on March. Why don’t you just inform me a day before the show?? -.- Come on.


I’m laughing because some of the people being butthurt about this whole video situation are actually pretty presumptuous and rude towards people with a different opinion, and that’s kinda gross too If you want to put it that way. Life is pretty short, we all have problems (yeah, some more than others, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to be such an arrogant) and we should just enjoy what we have. Everybody reacts differently to certain situations and just because it’s not the same reaction as yours, doesn’t mean we all are assholes. 

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Until now I only cried twice while watching Lost: For Charlie and Alex. I swear Alex’s death is something awfully painful. 

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no but seriously, that tweet Anthony ‘wrote’ that says ‘friends like Ian will always be there for you ’ doesn’t even exist why people keep using it to make edits

 the youtube community right now